Spindles & Mouldings

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A selection of mouldings and spindles for staircases and furniture making etc.

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WW1001 Skirting Board

19 high x 600 mm long

S001A Spindle

                           36mm long

S001B Spindle

68mm long

S001C Spindle

67mm long

S001D Spindle

63mm long

S001E Spindle

65 mm long

S001F Spindle

65mm long

S001G Spindle

56mm long

S001H Spindle

83mm long

S001J Spindle

77mm long

S001K Newell Post

85mm long

S001L Newell Post

85mm long

DIY052S Cabriole Leg

                              30mm long

DIY051L Cabriole Leg

                             35mm long

DIY054 Round Spindle

8mm dia. x 50mm long

DIY053 Staircase Kit

The kit contains the following components for you to make your own staircase:

  • 1 - Fully assembled staircase
  • 1 - Extra step
  • 2 - Newell posts
  • 1 - Banister rail
  • 13 - Spindles

    The staircase is suitable for a maximum rise of 235mm & is 70mm wide
  • k_diy046 coving

    WW1002 Coving - Pack of Ten

    10 deep x 457mm long

    DIY046 Coving

    600mm (24") long

    WW1008NT Banister Rail

    300mm long