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A selection of baskets to enhance your shop, home or garden.

As these items are hand made, sizes and heights may vary from basket to basket. If you are ordering more than one of an item we will try to make sure that they are the same size.
SA169 Basket

SA169 Basket

 22 dia. x 30h mm
SAT01 Tall Bamboo Basket

SAT01 Tall Bamboo Basket

32 dia. at top of basket x 40h mm approx.

SAT02 Wicker Basket

20 dia. x 45h mm approx. including handle

SAT03 Wicker Basket

30mm x 20mm x 20h mm approx. including handle

SAT04 Wicker Basket

20 dia. x 30h mm approx. including handle
SAT05 Bamboo  Basket

SAT05 Bamboo Basket - Round

15 dia. x 50h mm approx. including handle
which can be taken off to leave a small basket

SAT06 Bamboo Basket - Round

25 dia. x 35h mm approx. including handle

SAT10 Open Weave Bamboo Basket

 This can also be used as a lamp shade, turn it upside down and use one of our LB9011 Round bulbs in holder

45 dia. x 10h mm approx.